Howard J. Fezell

This article is republished, with permission, from Panic! in the Discord.

Howard J. Fezell posted as "Singleton Mosby – WV" in Identity Evropa's "Nice Respectable People Group" Discord server. Fezell, who is 66-years-old, was formerly a director and board member of the National Rifle Association and remained with the right-wing organization until he and others were ousted by Wayne LaPierre and his loyalists in the late 1990's. Fezell has previously been in trouble with the Maryland Bar Association, and appears to be living in West Virginia now.

Jonathan H. Gould

This article was contributed by WANaziWatch.

As noted by and by a recent Huffington Post piece, Identity Evropa membership included many current and former members of the United States military. Military membership in white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups is hardly a new development.. Recently, military neo-Nazis were also discovered in the neo-Nazi paramilitary/survivalist group The Base and within the murderous Atomwaffen Division.

Bryce Boepple

This article is republished, with permission, from Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska.

Bryce Christopher Boepple is a Jew-hating neo-Nazi white nationalist and an Identity Evropa member that traveled in 2017 to Charlottesville, VA to participate in the deadly white supremacist 'Unite the Right' rally.

Michael Britt Williams

This article was contributed by the "Coordinating Committee of Concerned Vandals."

With the recent leak of chat logs for the white nationalist group Identity Evropa (IE), previously hidden members of the secretive racist organization are now exposed. Basic research reveals "micbwilli", a participant on the IE chat server, as Birmingham resident Michael Britt Williams—a PhD Candidate in Biology at University of Birmingham in Alabama.

Spencer Sturdevant and Cyan Rose Quinn

This article is republished, with permission, from Puget Sound Anarchists.

The Northwest Forum is an exclusive event hosted by white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing. In the past, Counter-Currents has hosted notorious racist Jared Taylor, disgraced neo-Nazi lawyer August Invictus, Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo, and Seattle’s own Nazi-ceramicist Charles Krafft. The 12th Northwest Forum is to be held in the Seattle area, and renowned Holocaust denier and anti-Semite David Irving will be speaking. One of the main organizers is an unassuming woman who lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and who at one point was deeply embedded in Leftist and social justice networks in Seattle. Her husband, a stay-at-home-dad and former organizer for the radical Left, is the main WA organizer for a national scale white nationalist organization currently being sued for their involvement in the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA in 2017. Their names are Spencer Sturdevant and Cyan Rose Quinn.

Aaron O'Regan

This article is republished, with permission, from Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists.

Last month, Patrick Casey and a bunch of other dudes from surrounding states, came to Salt Lake City to hang their xenophobic banner and take some glamour shots before fleeing back under their respective rocks. Just like they did in Denver. And Cheyenne. We get it. You're racist. Their schtick is so played-out that people at the Block U on the University of Utah, where Identity Evropa member and goat enthusiast Manny Antonacci works, actually gave them some pushback after they unfurled their banner. Not sure how kindly they will feel about employees inviting fucking Nazis to come wave flags and banners.

Marcus Follin and Liam Tully

This article is republished, with permission, from Murfreesboro Anti-Fascist Action.

A gushing letter of appreciation from an impressionable young man from Eastern Tennessee marks the beginning of a journey through the thin veneer of such phrases and symbols as "Alt-Right", "Identitarianism", "Pepe The Frog", and the "Kekistani Flag"and directly into the ever-welcoming arms of Neo-Nazism.

Samuel James Fredeen

This article is republished, with permission, from Antifa Seven Hills.

Sam Fredeen, son of a "based" retired USMC Major, at just 23 is the lead Virginia coordinator for Identity Evropa and relishes the role. Based in the Norfolk IE cell, Sam organizes social meet ups and activism for his racist friends across southern Virginia, which includes the Richmond area.

Meet Phillip James Wiglesworth

This article is republished, with permission, from Asheville Anti Racism.

Born December 5, 1977, Phillip James Wiglesworth of Tallahassee, FL is no stranger to soaking up every little bit of attention he can possibly get. As Trump ascended to the Presidency back in 2016, Phillip was one who took on the Deplorable label and rode it as far as it would take him. He changed his Twitter account username to #MAGA Wiggleman and took every little interview he could get, from local news coverage of Trump rallies to This American Life on NPR. But while he touted himself as simply an unapologetic, veteran Trump-supporter, in actuality he was quickly latching onto the growing Alt-Right movement.

Meet Jacob Jaeger

This article was contributed by New York City Antifa.

Meet Jacob Jaegar. He's a electrician at Di Russo Electric Contracting in Flushing, Queens, and lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Samantha Zimmerman, and their toddler son.

Benjamin Maas

This article was contributed by Antifash Gordon.

Meet Benjamin Maas. He's a Certified Public Accountant (CPA license number 51262) in Dayton, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and their two children. He's a 2012 graduate of Ohio Northern University, where he majored in Accounting and Philosophy, and is about to celebrate his 29th birthday.

Erica Joy Alduino

This article is republished, with permission, from Asheville Anti Racism.

Erica Joy Alduino is a longstanding and active, organizing member of Identity Evropa- a neo-nazi and white supremacist organization born out of a rebranding of the Nationalist Youth Front. Alduino goes by the username ‘Joy' in the recently released discord server ironically dubbed "Nice Respectable People Group' (thanks Unicorn Riot!). Previously, Alduino went by the username ‘Erika' as she heavily organized in the Charlottesville planning server "Charlottesville 2.0" along with in the "Vibrant Diversity" discord server.

Christopher J. M. Cummins

This article is republished, with permission, from Murfreesboro Anti-Fascist Action.

Christopher Joseph Marascalco Cummins, MD is a 44 year old male who is currently residing and practicing medicine at the city of Jackson, TN.

By all accounts he would have everyone believe that he is an upstanding member of society: a doctor, soldier, Christian, and single father of four. However, it doesn’t take one too long to ascertain that he is an individual who has a history tied to white supremacy and the Neo-Confederate movement.

Identity Europa in the Pacific Northwest

This article is republished, with permission, from Rose City Antifa.

Identity Europa (IE) began in 2016, as a project founded by Nathan Damigo. The focus was on mass-movement building among white, college-age youth, typically framed in terms of white “Identitarianism”, and influenced by European organization Generation Identitaire, or Generation Identity. A significant part of IE’s messaging has focused on shifting away from openly racist rhetoric, and establishing a respectable facade for their organization by claiming that they merely support “pro-white” positions. However, this hasn’t stopped IE organizers or members from planning and engaging in violence, publicly promoting carefully-phrased racist and anti-Semitic talking points, and privately trading in overtly racist memes despite their leaders’ calls for careful optics.

Christopher Hodgman

This article was contributed by New York City Antifa.

University of Rochester student, US Army Reserve Signal Support Systems Specialist, and US Army ROTC cadet Christopher Hodgman (Alex Kolchak - NY on Discord) was recently cited by Brighton police for distributing white supremacist material in Brighton and Pittsford, NY. The flyers in Brighton and Pittsford were not isolated incidents, and only represent a fraction of his efforts on behalf of the white nationalist group, Identity Evropa.

Lawrence of Eurabia

This article was contributed by Eugene Antifa.

One of the more active contributors to the identity Europa chats is a user who goes by "Lawrence of Eurabia." We are identifying this user as Jay Harrison, student and participant in ROTC. In the Identity Europa chats, "Lawrence" mentions that he is attending Montana State University and is studying history.

Derek Magill: Modern White Nationalist

This article was contributed by WANaziWatch.

Derek Martin Magill is the son Lenny Magill, the well-known shooting instructor and owner of GlockStore. Derek recounted to his white nationalist friends that Lenny fostered his current white nationalist beliefs. "My father used to read Amren articles occasionally to me as a kid. It was only when I got older I realized it was Taylor." Derek is referring to American Renaissance (AmRen), the monthly magazine founded and edited by Jared Taylor. Coincidentally, Jared Taylor was a speaker at Identity Evropa's 2018 national conference.

Identity Evropa Member Glenn M. Dawson

This article is republished, with permission, from Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists.

At this point, doxxing the smarmy assholes behind the Identity Evropa group photos has become something of a routine. The grinding regularity of it takes all the excitement out of it, and it seems like everyone is doxxing Identity Evropa now.

Justin Peek: Metro Atlanta Racist is National "Director of Activism" for Identity Evropa

This article is republished, with permission, from Atlanta Antifascists.

Justin Wayne Peek is the current Georgia coordinator for Identity Evropa (IE), a nationwide racist organization. Peek also serves as IE’s Director of Activism and organizes their protests across the United States, often personally traveling to participate in them.

Patrick M. Casey

This article is republished, with permission, from Antifa Seven Hills.

Patrick Casey is the third and current Executive Director of Identity Europa. He rose through the ranks of the organization, perhaps out of sheer attrition, being active with the organization since its early days in 2016 when he was a student majoring in Anthropology at San Diego State University in California.

Identity Evropa Flag-Waver Liam Stevens

This article is republished, with permission, from Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists.

If you’ve ever listened to Identity Evropa’s podcast (which we don’t recommend) you very quickly get the impression that Identity Evropa is a very image-conscious organization. Their national president, Patrick Casey, is quick to denounce “extremists” and brag about how Identity Evropa is full of “well-adjusted” people.

On Blast: Joe Arrigo, Local Identity Evropa Member

This article is republished, with permission, from Antifa Sacramento.

Joseph Arrigo of Orangevale, California (a suburb outside of Sacramento) has been identified as a member of the alt-right group Identity Evropa (IE). Arrigo has been with the group since 2017, and has been documented attending their events and posting disturbing far right material online.

Mapping the Alt-Right Cadre

This article is republished, with permission, from Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA); via It's Going Down.

Several weeks ago, the National Policy Institute (NPI) held its annual conference in Washington DC, which ended with NPI head Richard Spencer declaring, "Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!" as people in the audience threw up their arms in fascist salutes. While images of white supremacists Sieg-Heiling went viral online, it did nothing to stem the tide of media spotlight that the mainstream bestowed upon Spencer. After the conference, white supremacists on the podcast, "Intersectional Alt-Right" with Andrew Anglin (of The Daily Stormer) and Jazzhands McFeels discussed the event and talked about how a gap was widening between the "older vanguard" (like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Peter Brimelow of V-DARE) and the "new generation," (headed by Richard Spencer and many others who grew out of the Alt-Right subculture of Neo-Nazi podcasts and memes). But another key player was emerging: Identity Evropa.

Alert! Kansas City Identity Evropa Fascists Identified

This article is republished, with permission, from It's Going Down.

Identity Evropa posters came down in Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas less than 24 hours after they went up. The fascists responsible are Gabriel Wilson (@gabrielofkansas) and Katy Galloway (@NordicPlains), both of Salina, KS, and were identified from their road trip photos in social media posts.

A network of antifascists from coast to coast have collaborated in exposing members of the white supremacist gang "Identity Evropa," revealing an organization whose goals include: prioritizing monetary profits based off membership dues, distributing white power propaganda, and coordinating "whites only" networking. On this site you will find articles which profile its members.


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