This article is republished, with permission, from Rose City Antifa.

Unicorn Riot recently released the chat logs of the white nationalist group Identity Europa, which contains almost 250k messages from approximately 900 unique users. After these logs were released, the organization clumsily attempted to re-brand itself as the "American Identity Movement," but has been unable to stop the steady flow of revelations about the identities and beliefs of its racist membership. This brief article will reveal the identity of "DeusVolk" to be San Diego resident Alex Loupe, but for context, we also recommend anti-fascist articles on other southern California members such as Patrick Kevin Kelly, Christopher Thompson, Joe Arrigo, Blaze Kody Spon, Kyle Aaron Scheuerlein, Sean Miner, Logan Piercy, Courtney Piercy, and NoCARA's articles on DIY Division aka the Rise Above Movement.