This article was contributed by an anonymous crew of Kentucky Anti-fascists.

Kentucky has a handful of Identity Evropa members and has been the target of IE propaganda and actions. Much of the activity in the state is routed through and produced by a Discord user by the name of 'GloopGod.' He is apparently a coordinator for the state, meaning that he is tasked with interviewing Identity Evropa pledges and coordinating actions. Most of his activity appears to be away from Discord, as he frequently travels the state dispersing propaganda for the group. From his few messages in the chat, we can identify him as Nathaniel Carroll of Glasgow, Kentucky. In addition to 'GloopGod,' there is a 'Mrs. GloopGod' on the Discord server. This account belongs to Nathaniel's wife, Emily Carroll. Emily joined Identity Evropa after Nathaniel, but has remained active in American Identity Movement, a hasty rebrand of Identity Evropa.