Nathaniel Carroll and Emily Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. GloopGod

This article was contributed by an anonymous crew of Kentucky Anti-fascists.

On March 6th, the media collective Unicorn Riot published thousands of messages from the white nationalist hate group Identity Evropa. The messages were logged on the chat program Discord and the chat was exclusively for dues-paying members of the organization. Discord has been hijacked by various far-right groups for communication, despite the platform's aim towards gaming. Antifascist groups across the so-called United States have exposed dozens of members since the chat release, prompting short incel and Identity Evropa leader Patrick Casey to rebrand his disheveled Nazi club. "Identity Evropa" was scratched in favor of "American Identity Movement," but this is clearly just the same hate group in a different costume. A name change and new symbol will not obfuscate the fact that this group helped to plan and bring to life the deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally, bearing torches the night before a Nazi murdered Heather Heyer.

Kentucky has a handful of Identity Evropa members and has been the target of IE propaganda and actions. Much of the activity in the state is routed through and produced by a Discord user by the name of 'GloopGod.' He is apparently a coordinator for the state, meaning that he is tasked with interviewing Identity Evropa pledges and coordinating actions. Most of his activity appears to be away from Discord, as he frequently travels the state dispersing propaganda for the group. From his few messages in the chat, we can identify him as Nathaniel Carroll of Glasgow, Kentucky. In addition to 'GloopGod,' there is a 'Mrs. GloopGod' on the Discord server. This account belongs to Nathaniel's wife, Emily Carroll. Emily joined Identity Evropa after Nathaniel, but has remained active in American Identity Movement, a hasty rebrand of Identity Evropa. Without further ado, meet the Carroll's:

Nathaniel Carroll

Nathaniel Carroll is GloopGod

Nathaniel Carroll holds the Identity Evropa flag

Nathaniel Carroll is one of the most active members of Identity Evropa and has littered most of Kentucky with white nationalist flyers and stickers. Between putting stickers up at Universities and tucking flyers in libraries, Nathaniel Carrol appears to have found time to carve an IE logo into a pumpkin. He obviously shares this feat with his fellow racist chuds, who guffaw and applaud. The picture has more to it than a racist promotion, though. By altering the brightness of the image, we can clearly see the fa'ade of a brick house. GloopGod introduces the picture with 'Keep it spooky' and then tags it as Glasgow, KY. Nathaniel Carroll resides in Glasgow and lives at 104 Sheila Drive with his wife Emily Carroll [Link 10], "Mrs. GloopGod." Zillow gives us a good look at their house, showing the front and backyard. Like the pitiful chud he is, Nathaniel set up the pumpkins on the back porch. A serious analysis of the photos from Zillow and the brightened photo from the chat confirms that, brick-by-brick, these houses are the same.

Nathaniel Carroll slips Identity Evropa propaganda in books at the Henderson County Public Library, where he formerly lived

Several images were uploaded to Discord by GloopGod showing off a pumpkin with an IE logo carved into it. The images were tagged 'Glasgow, KY.'

Zillow offers several photos of the Carroll's residence, we will focus on the photo showing the back of the house

By brightening the photo GloopGod posted in the chat, we can see the that the pumpkins were placed outside their house at 104 Sheila Drive

Emily and Nathaniel are both registered to vote at this address

The alt-right is nothing new to Nathaniel Carroll. He has been active online for several years now and constructed a persona to rail against feminism. He used the pseudonym 'Ritten's Playhouse' across multiple platforms and markets his content as 'an odd blend of atheism, anti-feminism and short fiction.' On Sputnik Music, his bio mentions that Ritten's Playhouse is a moniker of Nathaniel Carroll. He offers a more in depth biography on Writer's Caf', explaining that he has been writing about anti-feminism and more since 2010 and has lived in Henderson, Kentucky.

Nathaniel Carroll's profile on "Writer's Cafe"

Nathaniel's Soundcloud account

Nathaniel goes by "Ritten's Playhouse" on Sputnik music

Nathaniel Carrol practices Jiu-Jitsu and has posted videos of himself in tournaments to YouTube as 'Ritten's Playhouse.' There is a total of five Jiu-Jitsu videos posted to his channel, including a bizarre video where he discusses Trump over footage of a tournament. His channel appears to have hosted more videos in the past, but a comment [Link 16] by Nathaniel explains that he deleted them out of paranoia after moving for a new job. His subscription list is overflowing with all sorts of far-right personalities and groups, including some classics like Baked 'I need milk!' Alaska and absurd Swedish Nazi The Golden One'. He even follows the Identity Evropa YouTube channel from this account.

Ritten's Playhouse on YouTube

Nathaniel says he deleted videos after moving for a new job

He is subscribed to Identity Evropa on YouTube, admist other alt-right YouTube channels

Before he was Ritten's Playhouse, Nathaniel Rittenhouse Carroll operated under the online persona 'Delarivasweep,' which is reference to a move in Jiu Jitsu. He was active on online anti-feminist forums, such as 'A Voice for Men,' a toxic shitshow MRA (Men's Rights Activist) invented by toxic shitbag MRA Paul Elam. The virtual MRA hellscape is a chief producer of mass murderers, like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian. The Identify Evropa series is packed with examples of misogynistic men tumbling down the rabbit hole to white nationalism.

Nathaniel Carroll began his anti-feminist ramblings on the forums for "A voice for men"

In the Discord chats, Nathaniel 'GloopGod' Carroll discusses bringing Jiu-Jitsu gear to LOPF 2019. LOPF is the annual Identity Evropa conference, where Patrick Casey chose to unveil 'American Identity Movement.' Nathaniel signaled that he intended to attend the LOPF conference. Another member of Identity Evropa, 'Sam Anderson,' writes that '@GloopGod is a purple belt.' This is clear in his YouTube videos on 'Ritten's Playhouse,' as one video shows him competing in a purple belt tournament.

In the Identity Evropa server, Nathaniel "GloopGod" Carroll discusses Jiu-Jitsu. Another user confirms his belt color

Identity Evropa has a skills and academic server, which 'GloopGod'/Nathaniel is also active in. He sends a link in the art sharing channel of a YouTube video of music from Devin Townsend. Nathaniel appears to be fond of Townsend, following him on multiple accounts and platforms. He is subscribed to him on his Jiu-Jitsu YouTube channel, and even comments on a song, saying 'I love you.' The feeling is probably not reciprocated, Nathaniel, as we doubt Devin appreciates fascist assholes.

Nathaniel Carroll is a fan of Devin Townsend and shares some of his music on Discord

On his YouTube channel, he is subscribed to Townsend

Devin Townsend is not a fan of assholes

In one message posted in the chat, Nathaniel sends a screenshot of a Facebook comment posted beneath an article about Identity Evropa activity on Western Kentucky University. Following the screenshot leads to a troll account belonging to Nathaniel, which has since been removed. The account used the name 'Phillip Alexander,' a pseudonym he also used for a deleted Twitter account. Google images still returns a collection of far-right content associated with the account.

From his troll Facebook account, Nathaniel "likes" a post about Devin Townsend

Nathaniel is a professed fan of Greg Johnson, the Seattle fascist behind the website Counter-Currents, exposed in 2018 by local antifascists. In Identity Evropa's Literature club server, he recommends several pieces of writing by Johnson. Johnson is editor-in-chief for the white nationalist site, which distributed James Mason's book Siege. Atomwaffen division, the neo-Nazi terrorist group responsible for five murders, is organized around Siege.

Following the Discord leaks, the racists of Identity Evropa flocked to a new chat service called Mattermost. It seems like Nathaniel got left behind, as he is not a part of the Mattermost server. This does not mean that he is no longer organizing with American Identity Movement/Identity Evropa 2.0, in fact, a message on Mattermost suggests that he is still fully active. His username is not hyperlinked, meaning he is not on the Mattermost server, but is still in contact with other members in his state.

GloopGod is still active in American Identity Movement (AmIM), but hasn't joined Mattermost yet

Emily Carroll

Emily Almetta Carroll is Mrs. GloopGod

Emily Carroll, formerly Emily Mattox

Nathaniel is married to Emily Almetta Carroll, formerly Emily Mattox, a Kentucky native. She is well aware of her husband's white nationalist tip-toeing and anti-feminist ramblings. In fact, she seems to be mutual in her politics. She 'follows' Nathaniel's alias Ritten's Playhouse on Soundcloud, where he spouted anti-feminist rhetoric until around three years ago. Emily may have been in some of Nathaniel's now deleted YouTube videos as well.

Emily Carroll follows Nathaniel Carroll on Soundcloud

Emily Carroll is also a dues-paying member of Identity Evropa, going by 'Mrs. GloopGod.' She joined the server near the end of 2018, before the doxing crescendo and rebrand of the group. She is also part of the 'new' group, American Identity Movement. Emily is not active on Discord but seems to assist Nathaniel in his actions. He credits her for January action in which Identity Evropa members from Kentucky put together gift baskets for law enforcement. She is at the very least supportive of Nathaniel's Identity Evropa excursions, if not fully assistive in them. Emily Carroll is also a part of American Identity Movement, the failed Identity Evropa rebrand, which uses the platform Mattermost to communicate. She is on the group's new private chat server as "Mrs. GloopGod."

Emily joined Identity Evropa near the end of 2018

Emily Carroll participated in a "gift baskets for law enforcement" action

Emily Carroll is also a part of the AmIM weekly address server as "Mrs. GloopGod"

"Mrs. GloopGod" is on MatterMost, a platform designed and used by IE/ American Identity Movement

Like Nathaniel, Emily seems to have gone to great lengths to hide her white supremacist activities. Lesson be learned, racists can never hide forever. Emily has a YouTube channel which hosts several Jiu Jitsu videos, some showing Nathaniel. The videos are from Club Bushido, a martial arts facility in Evansville, Indiana, where Nathaniel and Emily previously lived. Nathaniel Carroll went to University of Southern Indiana, located in Evansville. Social media activity indicates that the Carroll's may be homeschooling their child(ren), a frightening prospect.

"EC" (Emily Carroll) features several videos of Nathaniel on her YouTube channel

Emily Carroll has a "homeschool" playlist on her YouTube account

Nathaniel and Emily Carroll are active white nationalists and should be held accountable for their actions. Nathaniel acts as a state-wide coordinator for Kentucky within Identity Evropa and has defiled much of the state with the group's propaganda. Emily is supportive and aids in his white supremacist endeavors and is an active member of American Identity Movement, the 'new' Identity Evropa. The Carrolls are longtime residents within the alt-right and their politics have only grown more extreme with time. We encourage community members and anti-racists to take action and keep their communities Nazi free. Make Racists Afraid Again (///)

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