Marcus Follin and Liam Tully

A Lion and his Cub

This article is republished, with permission, from Murfreesboro Anti-Fascist Action.

It all begins with this:

This gushing letter of appreciation from an impressionable young man from Eastern Tennessee marks the beginning of a journey through the thin veneer of such phrases and symbols as "Alt-Right", "Identitarianism", "Pepe The Frog", and the "Kekistani Flag"and directly into the ever-welcoming arms of Neo-Nazism.

You will notice in the text that the individual who wrote this letter refers to themselves as "Tacliam". It further mentions that this individual has an account on YouTube, and here it is:

On his YouTube account one can find a plethora of training videos all featuring his face:

The reader should take note of the "liam" in the handle "Tacliam" and alternately "TacLiam." If the reader were to peruse the comments section of the gushing letter of appreciation found on Facebook, you will find this response by one-Liam Tully:

A closer look at his account and you will find these photos, Notice the similarity of the individual featured in the YouTube videos with the photos found on this Facebook account :

From Instagram:

From these photos we can verify that "Taclaim/TacLiam" is really-Liam Tully.

But just who is Liam Tully? A further look at his Facebook account and you will find evidence of just what his beliefs really are, and just what political persuasion Liam Tully has immersed himself in:


A look at the books Liam Tully is promoting on his Facebook page paints a very clear image of what he believes. One of these books, the "Metaphysics of War" was written by leading Italian Fascist intellectual-Julius Evola.

Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola (Born: May 19th, 1898–Died June 11th, 1974) was vehement Anti-Christian who promoted a philosophy he referred to as "Magical Idealism"-a mixture of mystical occult esoterism, German Idealism, an all encompassing worldview from the German Conservative Revolutionary Movement in its stance against Liberalism and Communism (found particularly in the inter-war years between World War 1 and World War 2), and a rabid Traditionalism that advocated many things including upholding male dominance in all forms of life (Patriarchy), most especially in the home where women were required to be completely submissive to their husbands. Julius Evola in a shocking display of sexism and misogyny even advocated rape as a "natural" expression of male desire.

Described by scholar Franco Ferraresi, "one of the most radical and consistently anti-egalitarian, anti-liberal, anti-democratic, and anti-popular systems in the twentieth century"(1), and historian Aaron Gillette as "one of the most influential fascist racists in Italian history"(2), Julius Evola was a great admirer of SS chief Heinrich Himmler and during World War II-he worked for the Sicherheitsdienst_,_ or Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers-SS (Security Service of the Reichsführer-SS), or "S.D.", was the intelligence agency of the SS and the Nazi Party inside Hitler's Nazi Germany. During his trial after the war in 1951, Evola had denied being a fascist, but instead referred to himself as a-"Super Fascist".

Another book that the reader should take note of is "The Way of Men" by author Jack Donovan. This excerpt from Rose City Antifa's Nov 7th, 2016 article entitled "The Wolves of Vinland: a Fascist Countercultural "Tribe" in the Pacific Northwest" provides with an accurate picture as to Jack Donovan is:

In recent years Oregon based Alternative Right writer Jack Donovan (AKA Jack Donovan-Malebranche) has been writing about masculinity, western decline, and white identity. Dononvan's notoriety began with the publication of his book, The Way of Men, which has been reviewed and frequently cited by the "men's movement" that has been growing in many English speaking countries. The men's movement is a reactionary grouping of ideas best expressed in the narrative that men are being feminized (by feminism, modernity, or even tainted food) and that western civilization is declining because maleness is under attack. The only way to revive manliness and save the West, according to these advocates, is by physical fitness, authoritarian values drawn from an idealized past, and a liberal application of violence. Increasingly, WoV hero Julius Evola has been cited on radical "men's movement" pages as a figure worth studying.

Among Jack Donovan's achievements are extensive writing for the North American New Right, Counter Currents Publishing, Radix Journal, and other far-Right websites and journals. Donovan has openly identified as an "anarcho-fascist", "white nationalist", and "racialist". He has gained a following in the political space where neo-masculinity meets up with neo-fascism. Although gay, Donovan unequivocally rejects modern gay culture. As Anti-Fascist News noted about the National Policy Institute 2015 Halloween conference, where Donovan was a guest speaker :

"Donovan is known for being a gay "anti-gay" author, so to speak, where he writes extensively how queer men should abandon gay identity because it is associated with effeminacy, leftist politics, and feminism. He instead identifies as an "andriophile" and writes about the important(sic) of male tribalism and deeply misogynistic works on the edges of the Men's Rights movement. More recently he has been extending an incredible support to white nationalism, leaning more in the direction of folkish Heathenry in the masculanist and tribalist interpretations. "

In 2014 Donovan started a chapter for the Wolves of Vinland known as the "Cascadia Chapter" or "Cascadia Pack". Previous to this he identified himself as an Operation Werewolf Operative. Donovan and his new cadre have held WoV events near the Portland Metro area, specifically on land owned by local White Supremacists and fellow fascist alt-righters Juleigh Howard-Hobson and her husband David Hobson. Juleigh is a poet and ardent anti-feminist, and propagandist for the North American New Right (as is Donovan). Both her and her husband attended the David Irving Holocaust Denial lecture that Rose City Antifa protested in 2009. At the time, Juleigh and David were members of the now-defunct European Americans United racist organization.

Donovan's recent celebrity has given the WoV a deeper reach into MRA and powerlifting circles. Local strength coach and Donovan ally Chris Duffin of Elite Performance Center (based in Clackamas, AKA Kabuki Strength Lab) let Donovan and the Waggener brothers be his first non-power-lifting interview on his video podcast. Duffin is such a supporter that he lets Donovan run a tattoo studio out of EPC's backroom known as "New Barbarian Tattoo" (14350 INDUSTRIAL WAY, CLACKAMAS, OR, 97015, by appointment only). In this space, Donovan recently gave fascist lawyer Augustus Invictus a large back tattoo. Donovan also painted the large mural of a bird of prey with "VICTORY" on the interior wall of the gym. We've received reports of Donovan openly recruiting out of EPC for his WoV Cascadia group. Sadly, Donovan was given a slight degree of respectability by Fight Club author and former Portlander Chuck Palahniuk, who was interviewed by Donovan on his podcast "Start the World". This in turn increased Donovan's profile, which he uses to build an online business selling books, art, decals, and patches to the hypermasculine crowd.

The carefully crafted image of men returning to the ‘natural order' by painting their faces and howling in caves is reminiscent of new age ‘men's groups' with a faux-Viking twist. All the elements of WoV may be in vogue, but they are far from innocent. Creating small groups with a focus on physical prowess and fighting ability (fist fights and wrestling are required of members), combined with the hyper-masculine Evolian worldview instilled in members, all mimic the most militant sectors of the far-Right in Europe. The gang-style organizing found in WoV is also found in the most violence-prone parts of the white power movement here in the US."

The reader should also take note that Liam Tully's gushing letter of appreciation was directed towards an individual who refers to themselves as "The Golden One." When one look's at Liam Tully's friend's list-one find's out just who "The Golden One" really is:

Above: note that Marcus Follin is also known as "The Golden One," "The Glorious Lion," and "Legio Gloria."

Above: Notice the words: "Honor the Gods, Defend Your Country" that are found on Tacliam / Liam Tully's and Marcus Follin's accounts.

Marcus Follin in a Neo-Nazi/ White-Supremacist of the "Alt-Right"/"Identitarian" variety, and is member of Generation Identity the European Fore-runner and counterpart of Identity Evropa. This movement offers to the general public a clean-cut, scrubbed-down version of old-school White-Ethno-Nationalism repackaged as a cultural Trojan-horse marketed to be palatable for mainstream public consumption in order to move The Overton Window of socially-acceptable topics of discussion further to the right on the side of tyranny.

Popular among groups such as Generation Identity, Identity Evropa, and Neo-Nazis of every variety; Marcus Follins writings can be found on numerous sites, such as, ( and

Tacliam/Liam Tully even boosted him off his own Minds's account modeled after his illustrious hero:

Not only has "the Swede even appeared in a podcast hosted by former Ku Klux Klan Grandwizard David Duke in the autumn of 2016," but has has attended the 2018 American Renaissance (AmRen) white-supremacist conference that occurs annually in Burns, TN and has been rubbing elbows with Nashville Operation Werewolf/Wolves of Vinland Neo- Nazi fitness trainer, and owner of the Vengeance Strength Kult gym-Sky Lemyng:

Typical articles that one finds by Marcus Follin are all nothing more than Neo-Nazi propaganda, such as his repeated attempts to explain the origins and meaning behind commonly appropriated symbols that are used by Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists in order to justify/excuse and encourage their use in the public realm and gain more converts. Their hope is that once they gain a solid majority in terms of public opinion/support, that they can be more open explicit in their aims and take their Neo-Nazi agenda to it's ultimate conclusion.

One such example is his article on the Schwarze Sonne, or "Black Sun" (or alternately: Sonnenrad, meaning "Sun Wheel") which was found on the first floor of the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle as a dark green mosaic located on the floor in the center of the hall in Heinrich Himmler Wewelsburg castle near Paderborn,Germany.

He even has a piece of "Germany Reborn" by Hermann Göring. Hermann Göring was of course one of the most powerful political and military leaders in Nazi Germany starting off as Commander-In-Chief of the Luftwaffe (airforce), and then attaining the self-created title of Reichsmarschall, or "Marshall of the Reich", which gave him seniority over all officers in the German armed forces. Take a look:

Looking at Tacliam's Twitter account, one conveniently finds another account associated with it. One that is much more personal, and that is account belongs to none other than Liam Tully himself. On his personal Twitter account you not only see everyone he's following to gain a greater knowledge of who he is and what he believes, but you can see all his posts. Though the posts are subtle in nature-they are very telling. Who he is following however points to only one conclusion: Liam Tully is a Neo-Nazi. These few example here are just the tip of the Iceberg: 

Here's his account on Gab:

Then one find this account on Twitch:

Notice above the name Tacliam appears again, with a body-builder Pepe-The-Frog as a profile pic, and the words "We're all gonna make it brah", which ends in "brah, just like in his Instagram Account that says "Surf the Kali Yuga Brah" found at the beginning of this Doxx. One can also find many posts from "The Golden One" that end in "brah‘ as well.

Now take a look at the discord leak from Unicorn Riot from the "Nice Respectable People" chat log belonging to Identity Evropa-a organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has designated as a hate group. We see the same body building Pepe-The-Frog profile pic as the Twitch account. However, this time his handle has changed from Tacliam-to Trenliam, but still maintaining the "liam". He is also commenting on a thread involving fitness:

This flyering incident took place on Eastern Tennessee State University campus in Johnson City, TN. The same where he is/was attending college:

..and we definately know that his former girlfiend goes there as well:

Liam Tully also has a Twitter account under the name: "TrenLiam" (@MtnSupremacist), which bares a lot of similarities to his other twitter acount: "Liam" (@LiamTully2). There is proof that the two accounts are under the name person. The reader should take note that the Liam attempts to cover his face, his hairstyle, jagline, and physique that one finds in his numerous douche-bro pics bare the same resemblance. Also notice that he makes a statement against his one-time girlfriend:


Racist and Neo Nazi Posts found on TrenLiam's account:

Now Liam Tully is suspected to be living in either Johnson City, TN and attending Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU).It might also be a possibility that he might be living Kingsport, TN. He's DOB is 05/02/1999 and is 19 years of age according to this post.

Since "Liam" is the shortened version of the name "Uilliam"-the Irish cognate of William. His true name might be William Tully. See below:

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts, place of work, or any other information on Liam/William Tully, please send us a private message anonymously to:


  1. Franco Ferraresi (2012).Threats to Democracy: The Radical Right in Italy after the War. Princeton University Press. p. 44. ISBN 978-1-4008-2211-9.
  2. Gillette, Aaron (2003). "7: Julia Evola and spiritual Nordicism, 1941-1943". Racial Theories in Fascist Italy. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-134-52706-9.