Joshua Keith Williams

Neo-Nazi Podcaster "JohnWesley" Exposed!

This article is republished, with permission, from Asheville Anti Racism.

The Chud from Cheraw

"John Wesley" says he fears being doxxed and exposed but couldn't stay off the internet. For somebody who postures as wanting to protect their identity, he sure put out a lot of disgusting content that warrants investigation. Who would dedicate so much effort in repeating antisemitic, racist, sexist and homophobic ear drool? Does he live next door spouting out this garbage behind closed curtains? Does he work next to us, pretending to be civil simply to remain employed? Does he secretly despise certain children while he teaches in schools? We had to find out because nobody likes a quisling coward.

Beyond being a mouth piece for the Alt-Right and the newly inflated white supremacist movement in the Unitxd Snakes, we were able to uncover that he fancies himself a writer for far-right websites and is an active regional leader and member of Identity Evropa (IE), which has recently attempted to rebrand as the American Identity Movement (AmIM). Over the past three years "Wesley" has finely tuned his image and message to get a large following on twitter. What started off as tired GOP/Neo-conservative dribble has transformed itself into "redpilled" bigotry and pure hatred.

"John Wesley" is in fact Joshua Keith Williams of Cheraw, South Carolina.

Joshua Keith Willams

As many people know, what gets put online tends to stay there. Sometimes you have to dig for it, but it's there. Sometimes you have to put together small pieces over time to draw a complete picture. This doxx was incredibly painful as we obtained a more full picture of this particular target by listening to endless hours of audio spewing bigotry (and so nobody else would have to). On top of the usual draining work of reading the sloppy rantings of a white nationalist on his high horse, listening to his "Bill Clinton sounding ass" for hours on end only verified that this CHUD needed to be exposed.

"Women shouldn't even be allowed to vote, and my wife would agree with that."

From this point on the racist personality "John Wesley", and "John Wesley-SC" on discord, will be referred to by his everyday name, Josh Williams. Josh Williams popped up on most radars a few years ago as a online persona and host of an IE podcast. The recently released Discord leaks provided by Unicorn Riot show Josh Williams using that same moniker in his chats as an active member of IE. Williams posted regularly in the white supremacist group chat, clearly taking on a role of vetting, intake coordination, and as a gatekeeper to certain servers for other members.

Searching beyond the leaked server chats that were intended for their eyes only, it was revealed that Josh had been active in politics longer than his involvement in IE. Before he considered the alt-right he went with what he knew, basic Neoconservatism. Josh worked briefly with the local GOP party until finding himself cozying up to a Libertarian ideology. People on the extreme right like to say when they got this or that colored pill, referring to rejecting certain ideas and becoming dogmatic about others. The reality is that it's not a single pill but a series of small doses of poison. That's true for Josh, who eventually needed to don a pen name to remain comfortable and anonymous while spewing fascist ideology. Thus we have the creation of "John Wesley". Josh Williams describes how when he attended Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute (NPI) speech in Washington D.C. on November 19th, 2016, it was the first time he felt someone was speaking to him in the way that he wanted. This is the same speech that garnered national attention when Spencer finished his talk by shouting "Hail victory, hail Trump!", which was greeted by white men extending their arms into nazi salutes.

Josh later tries his hand as a further right Alex Jones personality, under the podcast name "The Middle South". This is mostly the same as any other DIY alt-right podcast that doesn't gain a lot of traction. It involves "dog whistle" language about "traditional values" and "globalism" ; white supremacy/patriarchy and antisemitic conspiracy theories. After a time of being largely ignored he is able to break ground with the help of other alt-right podcasters and using twitter amassed a rather large following under the handle @realjohn_wesley. It was this springboard he used to try his hand at podcasts again. Undecided on a name for a good while, Josh eventually landed on "Identity Rising"- his most successful media attempt at this time. This weekly live stream had 26 episodes that ranged from 50 minutes to 2 plus hours, talking about current events and tying them into his white nationalist narrative. They had several white supremacist leaders/think tanks on the show interviewed, and him and his co-hosts liked to bring up the "JQ" or "Jewish question". The "JQ" is a way to see if people are really ready to go full nazi or not. Some of these interviewees include white identitarians such as Stephen McNallen and Kevin MacDonald.

About less than halfway through the episodes of Identity Rising, Joshua's co-host "Chillbro Swaggins" AKA Joe Arrigo of Sacramento, CA got doxxed and lost his job. After that point he was running his podcast solo, again. This is the period where Joshua begins to talk about leaving Christianity for paganism. Specifically the white's only membership church formed by racist Stephen McNallen, Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA).

He describes attending events and meetings where he gets to know other white Identitarians that believe Norse gods and religion are exclusive to one race instead of being the forces of nature that surround everybody equally. In episode 15 of Josh's podcast he asks AFA Founder Stephen about the churches view on Jews, where he responds that there is no official stance on antisemitism but members are allowed to come to their own decisions, thus giving the green light to be antisemitic within the church. Josh's unquenchable thirst to ask every person on his show how they felt about Jewish people is very telling of how exactly he feels about them. He also mentions his local "kindred" or group, Sand Hills Kindred, is headed by Paul Hester who only lives a 40 minute drive away.

We've previously written on the Asatru Folk Assembly, and will remind our readers of the racist history and reality of the group again here- as we did when publishing on Chirstopher and Karissa Pack and their AFA ties. The recurrence of AFA and various flavors of the white supremacist mileu in our region (from violent neo-nazi to self-described fascist) is a note we are not taking lightly, and neither should you.

Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) is one of many churches that celebrate and worship the pagan gods of northern Europe such as Odin and Thor. While practicing pagan religions is in it self non-problematic, AFA sets itself aside from non-racist pagan churches by claiming these gods belong solely to white European descendants. Many Asatru churches have denied the validity of AFA and other racially charged groups by banning together under the name "Heathens United Against Racism" (HUAR) and The Asatru Community (TAC). Together over 100 groups have signed "Declaration 127" denouncing any heathen churches that promote hatred and bigotry. AFA is not one of these groups. The "Folk" in AFA is a dog whistle meaning "whites only". To cloak a racist agenda in a religion is not just disgusting and insincere, it is all too common. From the KKK claiming to be a Christian organization to "The World Church of the Creator" screaming for a racial holy war (RAHOWA) these groups have something in common; their use of faith to normalize racism and recruit new members into white supremacy. With that in mind, the members of local AFA in the region must be very cozy with having a violent neo-nazi in their group, as they seem to communicate quite frequently on both Pack's social media- the same platform he (and the AFA) uses to spread anti-semitic and fascist dribble. There are many pagan churches to join, so it raises some red flags when the one you choose to associate with is one of the few who admit open nazis as members.

His podcast and twitter account only get more extreme as time goes on. Going through all this information is like watching a once healthy dog slowly turn rabid and very dangerous.

So between going through Discord leaks, hints dropped about his past and current life on Josh's podcast, along with his tweets – we know just enough to start putting the puzzle together. From Discord chats we know that he posted white supremacist flyers on graves at Old St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw, South Carolina.

This is the same church that he married his wife Terry, who also participated in IE Discord chats under the alias "Mary June Voss". More on her coming soon.

He has also participated in banner drops in the Carolinas. Joshua also goes beyond flash "actions" in his IE activities, such as being the regional person for members to interview with in order to gain access to private servers within IE's chat. We also know he is in the mechanical field.

From his guest appearance on another podcast we find out he was 28 years old at time of recording and was a high school senior around 2010. We further confirm Josh is married with a child that would be a little over two years old at the time of this writing. He talks about growing up in a strict Christian household in the south. He mentions his parents were in their teens when he was born. They are now separated and his mother is currently married to a minister and his father is an athletic director. He describes the town he lives in having an approximate population of 10,000 people and 45 miles away from the Hester residence in Aberdeen, North Carolina. His wife in the IE chats mentions they are located 2 hours away from a beach she found "disappointing" because of "those people". This is a reference to Myrtle Beach and the falsely ascribed reputation born in a deeply racist past along the Grand Strand, that looks at the black population in fear. This all matches up with the size and location of Cheraw, SC, the same town the Williams' were married in. His house is on a large parcel of land that is partially farmland and located about a mile away from a small river that was at one time owned by his in-laws, Terry's father is now deceased according to Josh.

Josh has two different profiles on GAB, the uncensored social media platform dominated by neo-nazis and other white supremacists. Both profiles go under his moniker @realJohn_Wesley, but one features a profile picture Nathan Bedford Forrest (the founder of the KKK) while the other profile simply has a picture of Josh himself.

An enlarged version of Josh Williams' Gab ccount profile picture

On twitter Josh more recent years has used the handle Johnny Fash (@realjohn_Wesley) to spew hate and conspiracy theories. An older twitter account that has zero posts also has his picture with his wife, Terry, as well as his location and birthday and real name.

With Josh's fascist troll account, "Johnny Fash", he posts two pictures of his daughter playing with her new Christmas gifts. While he is making a sick joke at his own child's expense about how he is "training her to be a trad wife", she is oblivious to being politicized by her parents and celebrated by fascists around the internet. We do our very best and put a lot of thought in protecting the innocent, however we did not politicize this child, that was her very own father. Josh's joke is about his daughter being a piece of property that's only worth how well she can serve a man in the future.

The only reason we bring this to light is to help complete the picture that "John Wesley" of Identity Evropa is in fact Joshua Williams. Below you will see screenshots taken after visiting family for X-mas posted by Josh's neo-nazi troll account with the same toys and same pajamas. In fact, somebody was thoughtful enough to customize their daughters play kitchenette with her name painted on the front.

Pulled from family members' social media, who no doubt have no clue what Josh is up to, are photos of the same child in the same PJs, with her father. Furthermore, what should have been a normal family photo becomes evidence to clarify we have found the real person behind "John Wesley". The monogram on the child's dress has the same initials confirming it's the same child from the previous kitchenette photo, and we in fact have undoubtedly discovered the identity of the "realjohn_wesley". We are diligent to confirm identities. Seriously though, Josh… real talk, HOW DRUNK WERE YOU WHEN YOU POSTED YOUR CHILD'S PHOTO ON A FASCIST TROLL ACCOUNT?! Unforgivable.

If you have any tips/information you'd like to share with us, reach out via email at And remember, don't give them an inch.