Jeremy Jeffery Riesberg

American Identity Movement Leader

This article is republished, with permission, from Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists.

Jeremy Jeffery Riesberg is the head of the Colorado chapter of the hate group American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Under the aliases "Felden", "Jackson", and "Andrew Jackson", Jeremy advocates for national socialism, illegally posts white supremacist propaganda, and coordinates a network of racists in from his home in Colorado Springs. Ironically, Jeremy is married to a black woman who gave birth to their interracial child.

Felden aka Jackson

Jeremy is the reason one of our core researchers began investigating the local alt-right. Jeremy used to threaten people, particularly women and minorities, on his now-banned twitter handles @Feldenk1 and @Felden89 back in 2017. We thank you for drawing their ire, as we wouldn't have outed many of your chums without this comrade.

Talib Kweli calling out Jeremy on his racist bullshit. Black Star Keep Shining

Jeremy appears to have rose up to the occasion after we outted CO AmIM's former leader, Master Sergeant Cory Reeves who is now being investigated by the U.S. Air Force and could be facing court-martial.

Jeremy's profile from Unicorn Riot's leaks of AmIM's Mattermost Chat Server

Jeremy is a U.S. Army Veteran.

Jeremy moved to Boulder with his wife from Minneapolis, and then to Colorado Springs where they currently reside (Archive)

A photo from Jeremy's edgier days

White Power Miscegenation

One of the more relatable things the Nazis do is support each other in major life milestones, like when they have babies. They even organize baby registries. It is very thoughtful.

"amyjeremys-baby-october-2018-coloradosprings" hmmmm.

It looks like the registry was really successful. Note the "Arrival Date"

Looks like baby was a few days late.

Poor kid.

Guess whose pretty face we found on a certain "Amy's" Facebook page?

Amy uses the Facebook URL "blkstrider" (Archive)

That's right, one of the prominent leaders of the white nationalist American Identity Movement is participating in white genocide by marrying and birthing children with a woman of color. Really jiggles your genotype don't it?

Jeremy's wife, Amy Kadrmas, celebrating her graduation with her family

Amy and Jeremy both enjoy rock climbing. Jeremy's profile on Mountain Project shows an extensive history of climbs in and around Colorado, some of which were corroborated by Amy's TripAdvisor profile.

Jeremy changed his username on the climbing forum Mountain Project to "Jeremy A", likely after IE's discord was leaked, but Google didn't get the memo.

An excerpt of a list of rock climbs from Jeremy's Mountain Project profile

Both Jeremy and Amy (aka blkstrider) rock climbed at Devils Tower in Wyoming in May 2014 (Archive 1, 2)

Whether Amy is aware of her husband's white supremacy is unknown, but the fact that she is in the extreme minority of black women who vote republican does raise some concerns.

Social Democrat to National Socialist

Jeremy's journey to being the neo-Nazi leader of the most active white supremacist group in Colorado is an interesting one. Much like many of our comrades on the left, Jeremy started out as a Bernie bro, but he somehow ended up becoming a literal neo-Nazi in two short years.

Kevin MacDonald is an American Neo-Nazi author who argues that Jews are genitally programmed to destroy societies.

Jeremy didn't just read Kevin MacDonald, he swallowed his anti-Semitic pseudo-science until he became a self-identified National Socialist.

This is what happens when your anti-capitalism is not rooted in intersectionality. Don't do it kids, not even once. (Archive 1, 2)

Jeremy also likes to peddle far-right memes, like fashtag, to highlight the perceived problem of liberals and the left calling anyone to the right of them Nazis. On it's surface, this is rich coming from a literal Nazi, but upon further consideration, this illuminates the likely truth that the "overzealous-left" rhetoric is largely created by fascists to recruit usefully ignorant reactionaries to do the heavy lifting of gaslighting anti-fascists and social justice advocates.

A selection of tweets Jeremy has interacted with that push the "lefties call everyone they don't agree with Nazi's" rhetoric (Archive 1, 2, 3)

Jeremy and former CO AmIM Leader Cory Reeves on top of the Manitou Incline.

Notice that weird smudge on Jeremy's right arm? Nazis often go to extreme lengths to cover up their more distinctive tattoos.

Whoa! It looks like his arm has been strangely photo-shopped! "Optic cucks" indeed.

Jeremy also spends a lot of time retweeting a liking fan art from the new Pokemon game. As much as Patrick Casey likes to insist that his membership is "normal and well adjusted", they always end up being into some weird shit.

Some cool Nazi Pokemon Fan Art ya got there (Archive)

Fascist Propaganda

Jeremy is responsible for a number of illegal flyerings around Colorado:

Jeremy and Cory Reeves posting Identity Evropa stickers at the 16th Street Mall in Denver

One of many stickers posted by Jeremy in Breckenridge

Flyers posted by Jeremy at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College

White supremacist propaganda posted in Castle Rock by Jeremy Riesberg


Jeremy currently resides in southeast Colorado Springs with his wife and son. For more information about Jeremy, see this pastebin.

Jeremy Riesberg is the second leader of Colorado Identity Evropa/AmIM that we've exposed. Whichever of you chucklefucks steps up to the plate, know that you're next. No matter how good your OpSec is, every time an employer or family member googles you, "White Supremacist" will come up. Quit while you're ahead, we're better than you at this.

–Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists xoxo

You will probably be kicked out of AmIM for your miscegenation, but we will never forget your white power wedgie