James Ambrose Meyer

Seven Tablets Software Engineer In Dallas, Texas Exposed As White Supremacist

This article was contributed by Eugene Antifa.

James Ambrose Meyer lives in Dallas, Texas and joined the white supremacist organization "Identity Evropa" in September of 2017. In order to be accepted as a full member, James had to electronically submit an application, undergo two video interviews, and virtually attend a "pledge" orientation. After becoming a full, dues paying member, James distributed Identity Evropa propaganda and participated in several "meet-ups" and "actions." Some of these actions included littering a Vietnam and a Confederate war memorial with white supremacist propaganda. James soon rose in ranks within the organization and almost a year later, in September of 2018, his Texas chapter hosted an Identity Evropa meet-up for the state. Around 50 adults and 12 children attended. The Executive Director of Identity Evropa, Patrick Casey, traveled down from his residence in Virginia to participate.

James is almost 30 years old and is a software engineer and web developer by occupation. He is currently employed as the Chief Architect at Seven Tablets whose Dallas Headquarters are in Addison, Texas. James has been employed with this company since March of 2016. While he must have shown great restraint in the workplace, the chat logs from the Identity Evropa Discord server reveal a James who feels most comfortable around other racist, white men where he can express his sentiments of superiority over his co-workers who are primarily Indian. He refers to his Indian co-workers by the racial slur "pajeet" and jokes about firing them upon his job promotion to CTO. In the chat logs, James expresses a desire to hire and work with other like minded, white software enginners and jokes about firing a Black engineer for "incompetence." James has been employed by a former boss who was a Hasidic Jew, and James was sure to include a racist slight in the server against him. One wonders if his current boss, who is Indian, will appreciate and tolerate the racist and fascist ideology that his employee harbors.

James is a Catholic, married to Andrea Jensen Meyer, has two children, lives in an almost exclusively white neighborhood and comes from a wealthy, conservative family. James "red-pilled" his wife Andrea: a common practice routinely encouraged by white supremacist men in order to ideologically mold a woman who he plans to marry. Prior to meeting her husband James, Andrea appeared to embrace more liberal views. However, James' right leaning and conservatively traditional politics and practices soon converted Andrea.

James comes from a long line of racists, too. In the leaked Discord chat logs published by Unicorn Riot, James claims that his great grandfather was a Texas ranger "hunting down poncho villa" and he describes his parents disparaging Muslims on their visit to Israel. Many white supremacists herald the ethno-fascist state of Israel while simultaneously exhibiting racism and hatred towards Jews and Arabs. James Meyer accompanied his family on a trip to South Africa which recalls a common cry white supremacists make: White Genocide! Identity Evropa, the white supremacist organization that James Meyer was a member of, held campaigns around saving white people in South Africa. Some of these actions included a "Save the Boer" banner holding event on April of 2018 at the South African embasssy in Washington D.C. and a sponsored Simon Roche speaking tour. Simon Roche is the speaking head for the Suidlanders, a whites only paramilitant civil group preparing to defend whites in South Africa when and if their expected civil war erupts.

James participated on Identity Evropa communication platforms under the following aliases: Quid Est Veritas, Procella Eques, and sturmsoldat. We have learned that Identity Evropa used Discord and Slack as a primary means of communication among their members. Identity Evropa leadership was not satisfied with these options and sought to build a private communication platform of their own. This new platform was called Mercury and was designed and built by James Meyer. While Mercury was never launched or utilized by the greater membership, it was operable and used by a limited number of members in leadership positions and on the Identity Evropa Developers Team.

James Meyer isn't just an average white, conservative Catholic living in Texas. He is an unrepentant racist who was inspired by the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia to join a white supremacist group: Identity Evropa. Even though Identity Evropa has changed its name to the American Identity Movement, its membership and leadership remain largely unchanged. It is important to track and expose the individuals who organize in white supremacist groups such as this one. What is perhaps most dangerous about people like James Meyer is when white supremacists move to put their ideology into action. It is this move to organize actions that contribute to the ongoing systemic and targetted oppression of often marginalized communities such as immigrants, women, non-hetero & non-cis folx, the alter-abled, Muslims, Jews, and anyone whose skin color does not present as white.


James Ambrose Meyer
aka Quid Est Veritas, Procella Eques, sturmsoldat
birthdate: 6/1/1989
Last known residence: 3423 Asbury Street, Dallas, Texas 75205

Married to:
Andrea Jensen Meyer
birthdate: 6/8/1989


Seven Tablets
position: Chief Architect at Seven Tablets (March 2016 to present)
title: web developer and architect
Founder and CEO: Kishore Khandavalli
phone: +1 (214) 299-5100

Dallas Headquarters
5080 Spectrum Dr. #1125e
Addison, TX 75001

Please notify Kishore Khandavalli of Seven Tablets that he has employed a white supremacist.