Derek Magill Update

Police Reports and Racist Rants

This article was contributed by WANaziWatch.

On March 6, 2019, WANaziWatch identified Derek Martin Magill as a member of Identity Evropa. Later that evening, Derek, while simultaneously deleting his internet presence, sent us a hastily written, error-riddled, cease and desist letter he laughably claimed was written by his "spectacular legal team."

The following day we received numerous emails from former friends confirming this ID. We also received questions from media, lawyers, and gun groups wanting further information. Derek was reportedly denying he was a member of Identity Evropa to both his friends and the press. While we had zero doubt about the identification, we sought further proof.

On February 7, 2019, Derek told the members of Identity Evropa that he met with a detective about a check fraud issue.

Assuming this incident took place in San Diego, we sent the San Diego Police Department a records request for any police reports containing the name "Derek Magill" or "Derek Martin Magill." On March 15th, San Diego police responded with a redacted police report. Note that Derek's name and information had been redacted but we would not have received the record if his name was not in the report. The police report happens to be dated February 6, 2019, and concerns a forgery in progress at 4770 Ruffner St in San Diego – the address for GlockStore. According to the report "checks were forged for $12,000." Derek had stated in the chat that the suspect "tried to cash a 6,000 check on [sic] day so it's a felony now." It makes perfect sense that Derek would of spoke to a detective on February 7, 2019.

Stay tuned. We are hopeful of more substantial updates in the near future. Please email or if you have any additional information.