Derek Magill: Modern White Nationalist

Money, Guns, and Ethnostate Fantasy

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2019-03-27 update
Additional information has emerged about Derek Magill, and is published in a new article "Derek Magill Update".

Unicorn Riot released the chat logs of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa (IE), which contains almost 250k messages from approximately 900 unique users. Of these users, some are long-term members who attended Unite the Right and some are members of now-defunct neo-Nazi groups, but the vast majority of their members were attracted to IE by their campus recruitment efforts and their traditional, "clean-cut" optics.

The discussion of optics is essential to understanding Identity Evropa. Instead of using swastikas or other outright-fascist symbology, IE relies on crypto-fascist symbology such as pictures of European statues with phrases such as "Protect Your Heritage" "Let's Become Great Again" and "Serve Your People." IE also stresses the importance of presenting a clean-cut, all-American image; instead of calling themselves white nationalists or fascists they use the term "identitarian." A current member of Identity Evropa, JRobertson, summarized this concept rather well. Jrobertson wrote these messages shortly after Unite the Right 2.0 when he was a member of the now-defunct, explicitly neo-Nazi group Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). While many neo-Nazi's labelled IE as "optics cucks," JRobertson defended them and saw them as useful for "the movement."

JRobertson signs off this line of thought with a "Heil Hitler."

One example of the impact of proper optics on recruitment was seen last fall when The Today Show inexplicably gave a platform to current leader of Identity Evropa, Patrick Casey. While Identity Evropa's relationship to Charlottesville and hate groups was discussed, the piece served as a recruitment video for Identity Evropa. "Reporter" Peter Alexander discussed IE's clean-cut image, their lack of visible tattoos, and proceeded to serve up soft ball questions to Patrick Casey. Shortly after this interview aired, IE received an influx of new member applications. Patrick Casey tweeted on October 17th, 2018, that "IE applications and interview requests are pouring in."

Below are a few comments in the IE chat about The Today Show episode:

On the same day new chat members discussed The Today Show (November 4, 2018), a user entered the chat server using the screen name "Alexander Pechorin". "Alexander" introduced himself saying, "My name is Alex. I'm based in San Diego primarily now. I'm 25 years old." "Alex" stuck out to us primarily due to his constant need to brag about himself and his accomplishments, seemingly to impress his new friends. "Alex" discussed his business successes, name-dropped supposedly important people, and described his other endeavors in detail.

It turns out that Derek is an ideal recruit for Identity Evropa—he is young, clean-cut, well off, somewhat intelligent, and completely anti-Jew/racist. While "Alex" made some attempts to hide his real identity through sock accounts, we were able to identify him in a matter of minutes thanks to his incessant need to boast.

Derek Martin Magill (b. June 19, 1993)

Derek posted a U.S. Customs form on his publicly visible Facebook page

Derek Martin Magill is the son Lenny Magill, the well-known shooting instructor and owner of GlockStore. Derek recounted to his white nationalist friends that Lenny fostered his current white nationalist beliefs. "My father used to read Amren articles occasionally to me as a kid. It was only when I got older I realized it was Taylor." Derek is referring to American Renaissance (AmRen), the monthly magazine founded and edited by Jared Taylor. Coincidentally, Jared Taylor was a speaker at Identity Evropa's 2018 national conference.

The JQ stands for the "Jewish Question." The JQ asks whether or not you believe that Jews have undue influence in media, banking, and world politics. It also addresses what should be done to address the "Jewish problem.")

Derek graduated high school in 2012 from Del Norte High School in San Diego, California. After high school, Derek attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI where he was an active member of the libertarian group Young Americans for Liberty. Derek eventually grew disillusioned with school, and dropped out his sophomore year. Derek discussed dropping out of college frequently on his blog. Derek claimed that quitting college was one of the best things he's done, telling us that he's "always ready to vent about college. What a scam."

Derek did credit college for one good thing in his life, stating that he met his current fiancé while at the University of Michigan. He told the group that he was fortunate to have met her: "She's a rare woman who was already red pilled when we got together." Derek also mentioned his fiancé when he engaged in a bizarre discussion about the estrogen levels in the water – apparently this is some type of Jewish conspiracy against white people. Fortunately for Derek, his fiancé thwarted this Jewish trick by installing vitamin C filters in their shower heads.

After dropping out of college, Derek has had several marketing jobs but primarily worked as the director of marketing at Praxis – a company that encourages college aged people to pay them thousands of dollars for a "boot camp" and mentorship instead of going to college. Derek gives this same advice to the college-aged members of Identity Evropa.

Derek discussed his business with the group many times. He talked frequently of onerous regulations and taxation that burden his company, always spicing it up with some good old-fashioned racism. He discussed his company's warehouse loan—a loan for the new GlockStore retail showroom and a manufacturing operation that will be located at 1930 Air Ln Dr, Nashville, TN 37210. It turns out that Derek is the VP of operations for his father's business. We learned that Derek will be relocating to Tennessee in the near future.

Bitcoin/Book/Alexander Pechorin

Derek talks regularly about crypto currencies in the chat, even donating $300 in Bitcoin to IE for Giving Tuesday. For no real reason, Derek claimed he's met one of the creators of bitcoin Craig Steven Wright (the identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto). A simple web search reveals that Derek Magill is the director and founder of the Nakamoto Studies Institute.

On a related note, when another user is talking about writing a book Derek chimes in to boast that he has also written one. He stated that for this book he "just wrote a 1200-1500 word blog post every day for a month. Then edit! It turns out that Derek Magill has a book purely comprised of his blog posts about crypto currencies.

Derek also spends an inordinate amount of time on the question and answer website Quora. Here is Derek Magill and "Alexander Pechorin" answering the question "Why is Karl Marx's labor theory of value wrong?" back to back, on the same day.


Derek makes it well-known that he is well off financially, offering to spend his money in the promotion of white nationalist causes. Derek offers to pay legal costs and invest in the business ventures of IE members as well as financially support IE as a whole. Not only does Derek offer support to IE, but his alter ego "Alexander Pechorin" offers to financially support far-right causes as well. Because Identity Evropa pays close to 3k per month in legal costs due to the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit, members like Derek are what sustains hate groups like Identity Evropa.

GlockStore workplace discrimination

In one of the conversations has about his work he brings up an issue about an HR director that was fired by GlockStore. Derek tells his fellow white nationalists that after GlockStore fired their HR person she tried to sue because GlockStore doesn't "like hiring black people." Derek actually tells us "That's probably true...but she didn't have anything in writing." He then appears to explain a conspiracy at GlockStore to keep their bigoted practices secret...

If you know who this HR person was: please direct her to this article or send us an email.


Another alarming issue arises when Derek brags to his fellow white nationalists is that he has been appointed to an educational board. He tell us he was "invited to sit on the board of directors of a very important academic organization where I'll be able to have a good deal of influence." According to Derek "they share many of our concerns about the cultural direction of the country. There are several university presidents on the board now, which was also very surprising given the subject matter and their work." Derek may have found it surprising but it's hardly surprising to us that a bunch of old white capitalists are concerned about the "cultural direction of the country." We were unable to independently confirm this appointment; so again, if you have any tips or info, we would love to hear from you.


As Patrick Casey stated on The Today Show, one of the goals of Identity Evropa is to mainstream the ideas of white nationalism. Through proper optics and avoiding much of the drama in the Alt-right over the past 18+ months, IE has been able to grow their membership. As we will continue to reveal in subsequent articles, IE has been successful in attracting both students and professionals.

In sum, White Nationalist Derek Martin Magill's plucky online presence proves he is a threat via his significant financial means and his intimate connections to educational and business communities. Taken together, these factors place Derek among the more dangerous members of Identity Evropa. Derek sums up his goals best himself:

Radical capitalist Ethnostate for me.

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Stay tuned to learn the real identities of many, many more members of Identity Evropa!

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